X Never, Ever, Marks The Spot

The first problem folks have with Smart Home solutions is placement of the hub. ZigBee has a limit of 10-100 meters line-of-sight. However, other environmental factors can significantly interfere and limit that range.

In some cases the hub resembles a “wall wart” power supply. It simply plugs into a wall socket somewhere. That somewhere may be a bit of a distance from the placement of the bulbs. Some users have even complained that a hub plugged into the wall near the floor is unable to communicate reliably with a bulb in a ceiling fixture more than 10 feet away.

This leads to a number of considerations:

  • Hub and Device placement. They need to be within close proximity.
  • Hub and WiFi Router placement. These may also need to be in close proximity, raising issues with device control at one end of the house versus WiFi access at the other.
  • More than one hub needed. This may be a requirement depending on the size and other environmental factors within the home.