Step 6: Log Into the Firewall Console

Once connected, open a new browser instance and navigate to the gateway address assigned to the PC/notebook. This is the network address of the IPFire firewall computer. For the demo installation, the assigned gateway is at So the URL to access the firewall console is “”. What is that “444” at the end? That’s the port number that the firewall console is actually using.

This first time the administrator logs into the console, a warning about the certificate should appear. Depending on browser, it may look different.

SSL Certificate Warning

This is because the web server on the IPFire firewall is using a “self-signed certificate.” That’s OK—it just means that the administrator should check the certificate manually, as in the screen above, each time they connect to the IPFirewall console to make sure that it’s really the firewall that they are connecting to. Normally, the certificates are part of a trust chain that the browsers can automatically validate, so connecting to other HTTPS websites typically doesn’t show this screen.