Step 2: Get The Software

For IPFire, a number of pre-built packages are available for a target hardware configuration.

The IPFire download page offers several different versions. The latest version (as of this writing) is Core Update 111.

Depending on the type of hardware selected, there are two more decisions to make:

  • Which processor is being used, and
  • What media type to install with.

32 or 64 bits?

For example, a relatively newer PC probably has a 64-bit processor. It may even have a sticker on the case saying as much. If so, then x86_64 version should be used. Older PCs may be 32-bit, in which case the i586 version is right. The majority of PCs support 64-bit today.

USB or CD?

Most computers today support booting from USB or CD. However, a lot of computers don’t even come with a CD/DVD drive anymore, let alone a writeable drive. For this reason, using the flash image version is probably the best way to go, installing it onto a USB flash drive.

Download the software using another computer. Then copy it onto the appropriate media (e.g. CD/DVD or USB key/flash drive). Instructions from IPFire on how to do this can be found here.