Terry Woloszyn - Founder, CEO/CTO
Terry has over 30 years of experience in Information Technology, from development and management of nuclear physics research computer systems to Cloud Computing. Terry has spent much of his career working with start-ups to bring new technologies to market as solutions. A number of these have successfully exited to large technology leaders such as Microsoft, Siebel Systems, and IBM.

In 2006, Terry foresaw the enterprise cloud adoption challenges of data privacy, residency, and security, and envisaged the solution. Coining the phrase "data residency", Terry founded PerspecSys, and launched a new market segment that Gartner now refers to as Cloud Security Gateways.

Today, Terry is bringing better security to everyone. The mission of Leeward Security is to "Make Security Simple". Terry is already sharing his wealth of security information at conferences and through publications.

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Lynda Woloszyn - Founder, COO/CMO
Lynda is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and funder of several startups, including PerspecSys and Leeward Security. As a hands-on founder, Lynda demonstrates her abilities in both operations management as well as marketing at every company that she starts.

As a marketer, she has been lauded for her ability to use social media strategically, establishing global brand awareness that outreaches traditional marketing techniques, while doing so on a frugal budget. As a COO, she is able to stretch investment dollars while focusing on the bottom line to spend on priorities such as sales and engineering.

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