Leeward Security stands at the intersection of Mobile, Social, and Cloud computing. As these technologies converge to bring about new ways of communicating, interacting, and conducting business, new security risks emerge.

Focused on this, the Leeward Security project was formed to provide solutions through products, guidance through publications, and assistance through consulting in dealing with the existing and emerging threats. Understanding that individuals and small businesses do not have the same resources, skill sets, or knowledge of technology that global enterprises do, Leeward Security's main mission is to provide practical solutions, designed to be usable by anyone.

Our key concern is helping everyone to become more security aware. In this day and age of botnets, malware, crimeware kits, and other commercialized tools for stealing your identity, your money, and even your freedom, Leeward Security is ready to assist with a simplified approach to security.

Security is not an afterthought - think like a hacker!